Background & Core Technology

Background of Development

How do we make Ductile iPVC?

Cast-iron pipes have some problems. Its corrosion may contaminate water and its maintenance costs rises over time. Nonetheless, people have been using cast-iron pipes for over 500 years since iron was first used by men thousands of years ago

The Ductile iPVC water pipe, which is the world’s first in development, solved both the rust problem of cast-iron pipe and the breakage problem of PVC pipe. Furthermore, it is a long lasting pipe system that satisfies the 100-year durability requirements of ISO 1167-1 testing.

  • Cast-iron pipes
  • Cast-iron pipe(After 20 years)

To solve the essential problems, we enhance both tensile strength and impact strength of pipes concurrently to supply clear water safely. To this end, we develop strong eco-friendly Ductile iPVC water pipes.

Overview of Ductile iPVC
  • Independent technology of Pyungwha PIPE, First improving tensile and impact strength in the world at the same time which was previously considered impossible.

Pyungwha pipe’s independent technology of original material(iPVC: impact polyvinly)

  • By applying Ductile iPVC Innovative material technology to iPVC pipes it has become the world’s best performance, durability and economical product.
Meaning of iPVC
  • represents the human shape and inserting area of water pipe
  • stands for innovation and high impact and it also means supplying clean water safely which is the mission of Pyungwha pipes